Step 1

You will complete a short questionnaire that will assess your physical readiness and health status. The questions help to identify any areas of concern or health conditions that may prevent your ability to utilize our total body Cryosauna. This survey should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete and is only necessary upon your first visit. Complete waiver here.

Step 2

Next, you will work with one of our staff members to review the variety of options available to treat your condition. Our trained technician will explain what to expect on your first treatment.

Step 3

Finally, you will prepare for your treatment by visiting one of our private changing rooms. We will provide you with heavy socks, gloves and booties and a comfy robe to wear to the Cryosauna. Once ready, you will meet your technician at the Cryosauna and start your first treatment!

About our advanced cRYOSAUNA

Your treatment in our total body Cryosauna will not be painful like immersion in ice tubs, but will utilize cold, dry air. The lack of humidity or air movement allows you to experience the benefits of cold therapy without the pain inherent in typical ice-based treatments. Your skin temperature will drop quickly (3 minutes or less) 25 degrees or more, while your internal core temperature only drops slightly. Upon completion of your treatment, you will exit the chamber and feel warmth along with experiencing a full range of motion in muscles and joints. The technician is always right beside you to monitor your experience.

What to wear during treatment

You will be exposed to very cold temperatures so we have basic requirements that need to be upheld to ensure a great experience.

  • Suggested clothing options: Underwear, shorts, bra/bathing suit. Less clothing will maximize exposure.
  • Remove or cover any jewelry or metal piercings located below your neck.
  • Slip on provided wool socks, booties and robe.

KryoVitality offers privacy before, during, and after your treatment.

IMPORTANT: Prior to starting any treatment program, a series of steps needs to be taken to ensure you are healthy and have no physical limitations. Remove all lotions, balms and moisture prior to treatment. 

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